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Raa Group Visa Company provides multiple annual personal visas, multiple annual commercial visas, 3-month age visas, and flight reservations as well. We are proud of a specialized team of experts and professionals who strive to meet the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently.

Whether you want to travel for tourism, work, study or treatment, we guarantee that you will obtain the appropriate visa easily and quickly. We also offer you the best offers and prices for booking airline tickets, hotels and cars in any destination you choose. We care about the comfort of our customers and strive to provide distinguished and reliable service that exceeds their expectations.


We aspire to be the leading company in facilitating procedures for obtaining visas and booking flights in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We strive to provide high quality services and achieve customer satisfaction through innovation and efficiency.


Our mission is to provide premium and reliable visa and flight booking services to our clients, with an emphasis on ease and transparency in operations. We strive to achieve a unique experience for our customers, as we facilitate their access to their favorite destinations with ease and ease.

Our Objectives

Providing distinguished services for personal and business visas

Raa Group seeks to achieve excellence in providing personal and business visa services, by facilitating procedures and providing comprehensive support to its clients.

Achieving ease and efficiency in booking flights

We aim to facilitate and speed up flight reservations for our customers, focusing on providing diverse options and competitive prices.

Providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction

We strive to achieve complete satisfaction for our customers by providing high-quality services, listening to their needs, and responding quickly to improve their experience.

Innovation in the use of technology

We aim to constantly develop and improve our operations through the use of the latest technology, which contributes to improving our efficiency and providing innovative experiences to our customers.



We are committed to providing clear and transparent information to our customers, which contributes to building sustainable relationships based on trust.


We always strive to provide services with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, focusing on achieving goals in effective and effective ways.


We consider professionalism to be the foundation of our work, and we adhere to the highest standards in our dealings with customers and providing our services.


We consider innovation and the use of the latest technology as the basis for improving our operations and providing innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs.


We promote the idea of integration in our work, whether internally in the company structure or in providing integrated services to clients.

Commitment to quality

We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality in every aspect of our work, focusing on improving performance and meeting our customers' expectations.


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