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Among the leading and advanced services provided by Raa Group to customers who wish to perform Umrah rituals, the “Umrah Barcode” service appears, which is a service that aims to facilitate the process of booking Umrah trips and improve their quality. This service creates a special bar code for each customer, which contains all the necessary information about the customer, the trip, the tourist office, the hotel, transportation, the guide, insurance, vaccinations, etc. The customer can use this barcode to verify the validity of the reservation and ensure that it complies with the required specifications and standards. The customer can also use this barcode to obtain various and distinct services during his trip, such as entry to the hotel, mosque, airport, tourist sites, shops, restaurants, hospitals, etc. This service is considered a revolution in the field of religious tourism, as it provides customers with comfort, safety and satisfaction.

Personal barcode features

Link data to barcode

Umrah trip data is linked to a unique barcode, making it a fast and secure way to retrieve information related to the trip.

Providing accurate information

The barcode carries accurate information about travel dates, accommodations, and any other details relevant to the Umrah trip.

Self-control of reservations

The barcode allows travelers to have self-control over booking Umrah trips and access their data easily through digital means.

Facilitating payment processes

Barcodes can be linked to payment processes, which speeds up and facilitates reservation confirmation and instant payment processing.

Follow the flight status

It enables travelers to monitor the status of their flight and get instant updates about any changes or modifications to the schedule.

Benefits of “Umrah Barcode”:
  • Facilitating access to information: Barcodes make accessing flight information easy and efficient.
  • Improving traveler experience: It contributes to improving the traveler's experience by speeding up booking processes and access to information.
  • Security and confidentiality: The barcode provides high levels of security and confidentiality for personal data and trip details.
  • Self-control: It enables travelers to take control of the booking process and adjust details conveniently.

With “Umrah Barcode”, Raa Group offers an innovative solution that combines comfort and technology to facilitate Umrah trips and achieve a distinctive travel experience for travelers.