Among the distinguished and innovative services that Raa Group provides to its customers, the “Tasaheel Appointment Booking” service stands out, which is a service aimed at helping customers who wish to obtain family visit visas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This service books an appointment for the customer with the Tasahil program, which is a program that facilitates the process of bringing families and first-class individuals from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, and reduces the time, effort, and costs related to that. This service relies on a specialized and professional team that completes all the necessary procedures to book, follow up, confirm and send the appointment to the client.

Advantages of booking a facilitating appointment

Book convenient appointments

The Tasahil program allows customers to book suitable dates for their family visits, which makes it easier for them to organize their trips and make the most of their visiting time.

Facilitating recruitment procedures

Booking a facilitation appointment is considered an essential part of the process of facilitating recruitment procedures, as customers can rely on this service to determine the appropriate time to come and complete the procedures smoothly and conveniently.

Flexibility in organization

The service provides great flexibility in organizing appointments, which helps customers choose times that suit their schedules and personal commitments.

effective communication

The Tasahil appointment booking system enables effective communication with customers, whether by confirming appointments or providing the necessary information to facilitate the visit process.

Safe technology

The Tasahil program relies on secure technology for booking appointments, providing a secure electronic environment for customers to schedule and confirm their appointments.

With “Booking a Facilitation Appointment,” Raa Group confirms its commitment to providing high-quality services to its customers, and facilitating the processes of bringing families in in innovative and reliable ways.